Friday, March 25, 2011

Full Embrace.

I was listening to this song while running this morning, and had to keep it on repeat. It is beautifully in sync with my soul. This is my heart right now. In a song. And sometimes it's nice to have a song. It expresses a part of you that you may not have the words or the energy for. You can just listen. And agree. And breathe.

Embracing The Call- The Glorious Unseen

We expect the best and nothing less from You,
But will we embrace
The suffering too as part of Your plan for us, oh Lord?

You hold my hand and whisper in my ear of how
You're longing to be near
And how, my pain, You feel it too.

Here I stand, securely, resting in Your presence, waiting on Your voice.
Hold my hand as I walk through the valley of the shadow,
Embracing the call again.
You pull me close and hold me in Your arms,
And show me how Your love is strong,
That never leaves when I'm alone (Fancy a listen)