Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am continually asking the Lord, “Where do you want me to go”? It is a question that seems to float into a deep dark void yielding no answer. Perhaps it is the “go” that is the problem…or the “where”. I’ll take out both and keep it more simple: “Lord, do you want me?” If His answer is yes, my response is submission. A recognition of our true identity changes everything. If I am the Lord’s, what does this mean for my life? Is my primary concern the “where”? Or is it the “who”? I am a woman created in the image of a Sovereign God. That is who I am. That is what God wants me to claim. If I strive for that, perhaps everything else will fall into place. The “who” will lead to the “where”. If I am unsure of myself, how much more will I be of my future?

Jesus, fill me with your wisdom. You have set your seal upon my heart. Allow me to discover my identity as a child of the Father and a member of the Body.