Wednesday, June 30, 2010

newly old.

I am nibbling a raspberry cardamom scone and sipping a single origin espresso at Ristretto Roasters in NE Portland. It is sunny and the large glass garage door is wide open. A light breeze tickles my arm. It is my second summer as a resident of this city.

I see Portland differently now. I loved being new to the city last year. I loved those months of discovery. I was in the honeymoon stage of my relationship with this place. Everything was new, exciting and unfamiliar. Now, I am comfortable. I understand the rhythm of this city.

There is something to be said about familiarity. Newness is refreshing, but feeling settled brings a deep sense of peace. History has a richness to it.
I have my Portland spots. I know how, where, and with whom I want to spend my time this summer. Of course, as in any relationship, this city will still surprise me. I won't cease to discover new things or make new friendships, but it's nice to have my feet on the ground. I am firmly planted. This is my town now, and it feels good to be home.